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Take a look at our Organisational Development Plans and  Company Mission Statement


Our work is all structured around a creative development plan we call 'The 5 Elements'. 


Each element can be thought of as a branch on our company's tree; with each branch of activity focused on working with different audiences and creating provisions that address their self-identified needs.

The 5 Elements and their related programming aims are:

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For Disabled Led, continually adaptive Organisational Development


Our programme for Emerging Artists with Disabilities


Our Accessibility Consultancy , Training and Professional Development activities


Our Research and Development work exploring adaptive performance technologies, and


Puppetry & Workshops For Children and Families living with chronic illness

Our 5 Elements - or 'branches' - are bound together by a wide variety of artistic activities that provide constant inspiration, and our CREATIVE programme is generally the result of us merging several elements of this work together in dynamic blends to produce our original work, deliberately dissolving boundaries between the professional team, community groups and audiences. We like to think of these activities as being our tree's trunk.


See what's coming up on our creative programme and how you can get involved

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To explore our Creative Programming, click the Rune Stones and sneak behind the scenes to discover what's happening in each of our fantasy realms!

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