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To explore our Creative Programming, click the Rune Stones and sneak behind the scenes to discover what's happening in each of our fantasy realms!

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Our Organisational Development is important to us, and we are proud to be a 'disabled led' company who aim high, despite the barriers we face.

You can read more about our organisational development strategy in the 'our work' section - but we are more than our strategies, we are game-changers, innovators and agitators. 


We make no apologies for being who we are - a group of diverse and talented artists, theatre and film makers, puppeteers, performers, producers and enablers who truly understand the complexities of living and working with invisible disabilities, because it is our reality too.


We believe everyone has the right to be accepted and appreciated exactly as they are, and that equal opportunities should not be a policy, but should be an active and embedded approach to everything we do, and this is the core foundation upon which Broken Puppet Theatre Company was founded.

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